Ever since I was a child I have always had a deep empathy and love for nature and all of its various and wonderful creatures. When I was about five years old I remember seeing a television documentary about whaling. I was horrified. How could people treat these intelligent and majestic creatures with such cruelty and dishonour. I felt as though I were watching my friends being slaughtered, and for what purpose? Apparently, it was to provide fine oil for perfumes. I had to look away from the television screen, tears running down my cheeks. I knew what I was watching was unnecessary and wrong. So at a very early age I became a bit misanthropic. Not to say that I didn’t love and care for my family and friends. I just couldn’t overlook some of the cruel and careless ways humankind was treating its fellow creatures and the environment.

As I grew up, I also became aware of how terribly people could treat one another. I could never really understand why. But I knew much of the reason was related to fear and greed. And it seemed that much of the motive behind mistreating other species and the environment was also rooted in thoughtless avarice. But still, I knew deep in my heart, that humans were a good species and capable of tremendous acts of intelligence and love.

I have never thought that humankind is somehow separate or more special than any other species on this earth. However, it is undeniable, that we do have tremendous power and influence on this planet. But, in my opinion, that doesn’t put all other life forms a step below us. It simply puts humankind in an important position with regards to the stewardship and the future of this world, which I regard as an important and honourable position. And despite our sometimes greedy nature, I think we are very capable of doing a great job.

I regard all humankind’s misgivings and mistakes as part of a long journey on a very large learning curve. I think that now, finally, our apprenticeship must be coming to a crucial and decisive stage. As a species we are now poised to show what we have learned. We can now do what we are very capable of and that is to heal and protect this beautiful planet, and all it’s varied and magnificent species and ecosystems.

I want to contribute whatever I can to this tremendous healing process. I have been a professional visual artist for over twenty years. I am self-taught and discovered my imagery simply by letting my subconscious mind open up. My images grow from my mind the way plants grow from the soil. It is a very natural and easy process. I draw the lines and forms that first come to my mind on the paper before me. Vegetation, trees, animals, human beings, and all the elements, seem to flow together interlocking, comfortably, and peacefully. My visual language has developed and matured considerably over the years. But there has always been one basic theme, that is that all living forms are intertwined and connected in one universal field.

As an artist you are often asked what is the meaning or purpose of your work. At times it was hard for me to express verbally what I was drawing. But, I knew what I was creating had a tremendously strong and healing sense to it. And that strength was not in a particular narrative or theme of an individual piece or show. Instead, it was the physical philosophy of the imagery, the way all the forms were fitting together.

When the image that I have titled ”Prayer For the World” first appeared in my sketchbook, I sensed that all my years of creating were beginning to culminate. At the same time I had written a song for which I gave the same title, as it aligned perfectly with the sketch that I had just done. For the first time in my life I found my songwriting and my imagery converging together. Then it suddenly dawned on me what all of my creative activities were about. They were to express the healing and loving potential of my species. It was so simple. It was what I knew and felt as a child and while growing up. All this time it was before my eyes and I had just finally realized it.

With this new exhibition of my drawings and song I hope to give the world this most beautiful and precious message that was given to me through my artwork. I think this is the reason and purpose for me becoming an artist. This verbal and visual prayer exists in everyone in some form. This is my version that I want to share. My dream is to inspire others to find and express their own way to love and heal our world. We all love living on this beautiful planet. And we all want to look after it. It is written in our hearts and minds to do so. When we all decide to put are minds’ together for this most special purpose, I have no doubt that we can save, nurture, and protect our unique and glorious world.