Artist Statement

Drawing is like diving into the subconscious. Unfettered by the chains of reason, line and form are free to unfold. The initial lines surface, creating positive and negative spaces, which in turn evolve into forms. Within these forms new shapes emerge and metamorphose. The image literally blooms on the paper. Figures, half animal and half human, fish, birds, flora and fauna all intertwine and interlock. The drawing reveals a kind of figurative language that dictates its own narrative. Charcoal and pastel provide the sensuous black and white tones which give the work a certain strength and vitality. My artwork is not easily categorized. One can see in it both our ancient ancestors and the multiracial villagers of our future. The work tries to display our inseparable bond with nature and all universal forms. Even in the most alien and clinical state, humankind cannot truly break this link. With or without intention, we will always return to earth. To a certain extent we have lost touch with this reality. In some way, I hope my artwork can serve to remind people, even just for an instance, of this vital connection.